Sarah B. Moore is a writer and illustrator with a BFA in creative writing. She loves anything and all things fantasy, but she loves dogs even more.

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Vanna Li is a freelance artist and also the lead artist for the otome game Akash: Path of the Five on PS4 and PSVita.

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Team Incarnadine is a creative team duo specializing in digital art & illustration as well as story writing, both individually and as a team. Together - each with experience in working on visual novels, video games, and books - we are motivated to help bring your concepts to life, through both impactful narratives and dramatic imagery. We aim to give the audience a captivating experience that immerses them in a world with a shocking story to tell!


Our Best Fit Projects: Video Games, Novels, pitch material. Our Best Fit Roles: Illustration, Concept Art, Writer, editor. Our Thematic Strengths (Writing & Illustration): High fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, Mystery, Romance. WRITING STYLE: Narrative, non-fiction. ART STYLE: semi-realism, western anime; painted, sketched, or cartoon style coloring.




We are not just artists, but consultants who want your project to manifest the best way it can. We are enthusiastic about conversation if you are open to ideas and suggestions we can offer, to improve what you bring to the table!


Though we share very similar skill sets, our strengths are complementary. Depending on the work required, we may divide tasks for efficiency, or layered efforts across all tasks to bring about the greatest potential in every detail. We are capable of working independently as we are self-sufficient and self-regulating. We update progress on a given schedule.